Tourism and activities at Venosc / Les 2 Alpes in Isère

Mountain campsite Le Champ du Moulin is very well located into its natural and touristic environment : in middle of Oisans region, at the entrance of National Park of Les Ecrins, at departure of Les 2 Alpes ski station and at the beginning of Vénéon valley.
With this exceptional situation you can practice directly from the campsite a lot of activities and discoveries, in summer and in winter.

Winter activities Vénosc / Les 2 Alpes / Parc des Ecrins

Alpin ski at Les 2 Alpes

Located between northern and southern Alps, Les 2 Alpes ski station has been developed onto the high mountains pasture of Mont de Lans and Venosc. Today, it’s one of the biggest international ski station ; dynamic and sportive it has been equipped of an exceptional Freestyle land. It’s the paradise for the new kinds of glide! With the glacier of which the top is at 3600m, Les 2 Alpes ski station guarantees natural snow all the year.

Nordic ski

From the campsite, 7 km go and back in middle the forest and along Vénéon river; free track ; caution there isn’t any ski rental shop at Venosc village

Snowshoes / ski mountaineering

From Venosc, from Les 2 Alpes and everywhere into the valley of Vénéon, there are a lot of snowshoe and ski mountaineering itineraries. The end of winter (march and april) is the best season for those practices.


Les 2 Alpes paragliding schools offer winter first flights and initiation flights with qualified instructors and ski on the feet. Go up by the cable car to the departure and land down slowly at Venosc village, nearby the campsite

Spring and summer activities at Vénosc / Les 2 Alpes / Parc des Ecrins


Easy and short walks, historical and playful lanes, sportives and mountaineer hikes, there are several kinds of trek from the campsite to discover Venosc village, to La Muzelle falls or refuge, Lauvitel Lake……
Going up the deep of the valley, into the heart of the National Park Les Ecrins, there are several departures to the high mountains tops.



De la randonnée glacière aux grandes voies, de l'initiation au niveau confirmé, la vallée du Vénéon est un haut lieu de l'alpinisme. Venosc et le camping sont le point de départ pour la Petite Muraillette et de la Roche de la Muzelle. Et jusqu'à la Bérarde, de brèches en pics, la vallée du Vénéon, royaume de l'alpinisme, offre une variété d'ascensions mythiques ou plus secrètes.


Oisans region is the world center of mountain cycling ; since spring, cycle societies, professionals and amateurs share the roads of Oisans valleys. A lot of international races are going on (Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré, l’Alpe d’Huzes, La Marmotte and the mythic Tour de France). Isère region closes every tuesday morning one of mountain road of Oisans in July and august to the cycle.

Mountain bike

At departure of Venosc cable car, located at 5 mn by walk from the campsite, the 1500 meter high Diable/Venosc slope (Devil slope) has courses and elements suited, very amazing for very good rider. Also, from the cable car, direct access to the main Bike-Park of Les 2 Alpes till the glacier for 2600 vertical meters ride down to Venosc village. Open only on summer. Leaving the campsite, the Veneon bank ride offers an easier mountain bike practice until Bourg d’Oisans.

Running trail

Venosc and Les 2 Alpes are one of the 3 running center in Oisans and they’ve got 3 itineraries departure from Les 2 Alpes (Tour du Pied Moutet, La Brèche au grand creux, Les Balcons des 2 Alpes). At Venosc village departure from the cable car (5mn by walk from the campsite), the Vertical Kilometer KMV 600 joins the station running up 620m, with training equipment. Guide books available at the campsite.

Via Ferrata and climbing

After 45 min walking from the campsite to the departure the via ferrata des Perrons at Venosc gives a panoramic view on the valley and the tops of Venosc or Muzelle. At 10 mn by car, there are 2 others via ferrata at Saint-Christophe en Oisans, one more athletic the other more accessible Guide books available at the campsite.
Les Etroits site climbing offers about twenty ways on wall, the difficulty goes from 3 to 6b. In Oisans, you’ll find a lot of site climbing and beautiful big climb way. Those situated at Saint-Christophe in Oisans are the best and the most beautiful (la Dibona, …). Guide books available at the campsite.


Les 2 Alpes paragliding schools offer first flights and initiation flights with qualified instructors. Go up by the cable car to the departure and land down slowly at Venosc village, nearby the campsite..

Canoe kayak

You’ll find 2 rafting centers at Venosc (2mn by walk from the campsite) and at Saint-Christophe en Oisans that offer amazing and refreshing experience into the Veneon river.


Rainbow trouts and Fario trout in Vénéon river or fishing at the high lake of Lauvitel, fishing in mountain is very various. For the licence and open periods ask at the tourism office.

Public outdoor games area

The public games area is located at 1 mn by walk from the campsite; there are volley ball ground, swings… open all the year, free entrance. There are also 2 tennis courts, free access from September to June, paying access on July and August. The public swimming pool is open on July and August, it’s got a big toboggan; paying access.

Summer ski

Thanks to yearly snowfall on the glacier, Les 2 Alpes ski station allows to ski even in summer every morning on july and august.

Tourism and activities at Venosc / Les 2 Alpes in Isère


At 5 mn by walk from the campsite you can discover the traditional mountain village of Venosc. Walking through its little and old streets you’ll find handicraft shops open in summer and winter.

Vénéon valley

Saint-Christophe en Oisans, La Bérarde, la Meije, la Dibona… from Venosc, the way going up the deep of this valley is a mythic and initiatic trip, a historical and fairy journey into the heart of mountain massif of Les Ecrins. A stop at the museum « Memories of mountaineering », a hike to one of those high refuge, a rest at La Bérarde ; by walk, by cycle, by car or shuttle, there are several way to discover this wonderful valley of Vénéon.

Oisans with 6 valleys

Squared by mythic cols (Ornon, Glandon, Croix de Fer, Lautaret et Galibier) Oisans with 6 valleys (Romanche, Eau d’Olle, Ferrand, Lignarde, Sarenne, Vénéon) discloses its history and heritages, its mountain activities, its road and cycling itineraries, and its handicraft ways.


lat. 44.9893 - lon. 6.1154
alt. 1002m
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